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We help organisations benefit from the opportunity of Conversational AI. With our technology agnostic approach we ensure the success of your AI efforts. 


  We specialise in Conversational AI development

This includes the building of channel agnostic digital assistants for various use cases. We also provide Implementation services, such as conversation design and Natural Language Processing (NLP) training. 

We have and do frequently work with the majority of the Conversational AI platforms: Microsoft Cognitive Services, IBM Watson, Amazon Lex & Google Dialog Flow. This helps us listen to the customer and propose the best-fit technology considering the channels, integration landscape, and their long term roadmap.


Through our continuous experience implementing Digital Assistants, we saw the need of a unifying platform. We developed InConvo which leverages the features, security and scale of cloud AI platforms and compliments them with multi-channel deployment and pre-trained language understandings.


  InConvo is a powerful tool for rapid deployment of Digital Assistants at 5x the normal speed.

When we say we can stand up a bot at one fifth the normal speed, we aren't joking. Our Digital Assistants come pre-trained with our own corpus of 500+ industry-agnostic dialogs, a mixture of general knowledge, banter and benign integrations to make your bot smart from day dot.

Our platform was designed from the ground up to be as system agnostic as possible. This means that we do not discriminate between service providers or products you use today or would like to use in the future. 

Through our industry tested development cycle, we interface with your team and design the look, feel and experience of your bot to best represent, and most importantly capture the data that will fuel your growth as a business

Our platform comes with a safe and secure dashboard, packed with data and metrics for you to grow and optimise further.



Digital Assistants not only help the businesses enhance productivity but also apply a simple easy to use interface to necessary interactions. However, from a design, development, testing, and training perspective, Digital Assistants have their own unique challenges. We take a structured approach to implement Digital Assistants ensuring project success.


Our team develop and build all components of your bot, orchestrated by our InConvo platform. We integrate with your existing systems and software to ensure a smart functional useful bot. We design bespoke integrations where existing ones won't suit.


We meet with your team and identify all of the systems, tools, factors at play that are primed for conversational automation. We take this information and design a digital assistant that best supports your needs and channel requirements


We bring your bot into a live testing and improvement cycle. We work with your team to release iterative improvements.

Your bot will keep getting smarter, and more suited to the role you need filled.

This continues even after go-live.

Your bot will never stop improving.

Clients & Partners


We are a dedicated team with a depth of knowledge.

Approachable, and practically minded,

we help guide your enterprise to automation

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