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Case Study - Fairfax Events

Fairfax increasing customer engagement with ako's virtual assistant

I’m Sami, the virtual assistant and I’m here to make sure you have the time of your life at American Express Openair Cinemas

2. Challenges

Fairfax Events & Entertainment organises Openair cinemas in 11 cities across Australia & New Zealand with more than 10,000 people attending every year. The fan base of over 1,100,000 people interested & enquiring about the event. All the ticket purchase are online through Open air cinemas website. With movies running multiple times a week, including weekends, the customer queries come in the evening & weekends. Fairfax wanted to automate the responses, free up resources to focus on more complex issues, and most importantly, deliver a more satisfying user experience 24/7.  Fairfax sought a solution that would engage all website visitors, giving them answers to their questions and assistance without having to call or email a representative.

1. About Fairfax Events & Entertainment

Since 1971, Fairfax Events & Entertainment has partnered with key stakeholders to deliver world class, mass participation experiences, providing significant social and economic impact to local communities. Fairfax Events & Entertainment have over 50 plus events annually across 5 specialised event verticals managed by 90 wonderful event staff and raise over 49 million annually in charity.

3. Sami, the Virtual Assistant

Fairfax engaged ako to develop and implement a polite but friendly, enthusiastic & eager to please virtual assistant to engage and serve their customers in a scalable manner. Sami, an intelligent virtual assistant was designed to function like Fairfax’s best customer service representative.

With Sami, writing an email and waiting for response is a thing of the past, as she’s easily capable of simultaneously serving the needs of every Fairfax visitor. Website visitors can ask any question about the weather, movies, location & what to expect at the movies. And, of course, she’s easily capable of providing information on what items can be carried to movies, buying tickets & helping buying extras.

4. Results

Utilising its experience developing AI driven conversational solutions, ako developed a solution that ensured Sami’s knowledge and capabilities were perfectly matched to the needs of Fairfax and its customers. With a low-risk approach, Fairfax achieved a good ROI in a short period itself.

  • 3x more conversations compared to the traditional email channel

  • Instant response to customer queries compared to 24 hours with emails

  • Managing peaks which are 2x of the usual traffic

  • Greater insights into customer questions & concerns

  • 1/10th of the cost to respond to a customer query

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