Ako's conversational AI integration platform enables Chatbot on a number of channels with integration to common business and CRM systems.

Google Chat

Enables the chatbot in Google Chat

Microsoft Teams

Enables the chatbot in Microsoft Teams 


Enables the chatbot in Zendesk

Ako's Web Chat

Enables the chatbot in a Website


Enables the UneeQ Digital Human integration in one click.

Twilio Verify

Verify phone number by sending a One Time Password

Microsoft Graph

Securely access and update employee data from Chatbot

Microsoft LUIS

Plug Microsoft Language Understanding models into Chatbot.

Dynamics CRM

Securely access and update customer data from Chatbot


Receive payments securely within your Chatbot.

Google Maps

Include Google address search in your Chatbots

Ako's Feedback

Get feedback from users in a bot.


Handover chat to agents in Salesforce Service Cloud

Convo blocks is an ever-growing list of pre-built conversational modules that represent a business functionality. Ako's convo blocks include the dialog, language understanding and integration already built and tested. This means you can roll out functionality faster with confidence.

Direct Debit Setup

Accept Direct Debit authority in a chat

Direct Debit Amendment

Amend Direct Debit authority in a chat

Address Capture

Get user's address in a chat, with auto suggest

Phone Number Capture

Get a user's verified phone number


Pre-trained corpus with 100's of understandings and responses

IT Helpdesk

Troubleshoot common IT issues in a chat

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