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Case Study - NZSAF

New Zealand School of Art & Fashion (NZSAF) increasing customer engagement with Ako's virtual assistant Phoebe


The world of fashion design is dynamic. Forever adapting and pushing boundaries, the New Zealand School of Arts and Fashion is no stranger to this fast-paced environment. That’s why our sector-leading institution combines passion and expertise to ensure excellence in education, and experience.

At the heart of Aotearoa’s multicultural community, NZSAF encourages out-of-the-box thinking, welcoming different perspectives that foster trailblazing ideation and innovation.


To overcome the difficulties of supplying course and support info to students during the upcoming and future semester intake periods.

Solution: Phoebe, the Virtual Assistant

Phoebe is NZSAF’s assistant who sits on the NZSAF website ready to answer any incoming queries from current students and potential students.


Phoebe provided useful actionable info on courses, contact info, study locations, and much more. Transforming the student prospectus and institutional FAQ content into a conversational chatbot.


Utilising our experience developing conversational AI solutions, and Ako developed chatbot ensured Phoebe’s knowledge and capabilities were perfectly matched to the needs of NZSAF and its customers. With a low-risk approach, NZSAF achieved a great ROI in a short time.

  • There have been 359 conversations that have taken place during May, June and July 2021.

  • Customers were not left hanging while contact agents were offline with an ability to service customers outside of traditional 8-5 work hours.

  • As with all Ako bots, any off-topic statements from users will be served by our ever-expanding database of over 180 off-topic responses we call Smalltalk

  • Ongoing training continues to work towards closing understanding and service topic holes guaranteeing Ako service continues to grow and evolve with NZSAF.

Client Testimonial

“Having the bot on our website has been one of the best and most effective help for the school in terms of sharing information with our customers and answering their queries. It's reduced our time on Online Relationship Management (ORM) and increased the time people spend surfing on our website.”

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