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How 5 Brands Are Using AI Chatbots In Impressive Ways

One of the neatest things about AI and chatbot growth is seeing the range of different ways that brands are incorporating this technology into their overall strategy. It’s no longer just about Alexa turning your Spotify playlist on, or dimming your lights at home through voice chat. We’re seeing chatbot employees gathering email newsletter signups, selling books online, assisting with product recommendations, even medical robots taking patients temperatures while recording valuable data. AI is quickly becoming an indispensable part of business, which means it’s only getting more creative, insightful and impressive in its ability to better automate and serve our needs.

We’ve compiled some of our favourite ways AI chatbots are assisting brands and customers around the world.


Global caffeine provider Starbucks uses a cool barista chatbot to help customers create their favourite coffee. The system called ‘My Starbucks Barista’ allows users to order a beverage on the go and pick it up at their local cafe. This, of course, means customers can customise their caffeine hit and aren’t having to stand in a line before collection (all the more important during these times). This is leading to a more positive brand experience overall because Starbucks understands its audience and the importance of quickly getting your coffee fix.

National Geographic

Nat Geo created an innovative, and engaging trivia-based Facebook messenger chatbot to inspire and educate customers about the world around them. This story-telling through social media proved to be an exciting new way to engage with their 46 million Facebook fans as well as gently promoting and selling their new magazine, Almanac. This chatbot quizzed their community daily - using trivia snippets from their new magazine. In the end, you received a different message and Gif. depending on your score.

Bank of America

We’re seeing more and more chatbots appearing in the banking industry. Meet Erica, the financial digital assistant on the Bank of America team. This chatbot can give you weekly snapshots of your spending habits so you can be better with your finances. Erica will also give you personalised updates on your credit scores, transactions, or even connect you to a bank agent if you need human help. You can also connect the chatbot to your bank’s helpful resources for spending and budgeting - as well as set up reminders for when bills are due.


This is one of our favourite examples because your chatbot must be an extension of your brand when it comes to tone, look, and feel. Adventure Guru Greg is GoPro’s clever chatbot and he’s pretty fun, he wears sunglasses, loves travelling and chatting about adventure ideas. His voice and personality is 100% what GoPro stands for, and they’ve executed this well. Greg is the perfect example of a brand reinforcing its brand identity, tone and voice to its chatbot too.


Even supermarkets are getting in on the chatbot action - meet Olive, Countdowns adorable little green chatbot which they even personalise for holidays and seasons (think, bunny ears during Easter). Olive is a cute, easy to use chatbot where visitors to Countdown’s website can find information about opening hours, refunds, membership card updates and Covid-19 information. April 2020 alone, saw over 300,000 conversations take place due to a rise in pandemic related shopping queries. It’s another great example of a brand extending its tone of voice and quirky side into a customer service based chatbot.

AI systems and chatbots are advancing quickly, and they’re going to be game-changing in the customer service industries. We’re already seeing brands adopting services in leaps in bounds to help streamline systems, gather data and help with customer service levels.

Needing a chatbot? Chat with the Ako team for a free demonstration of our InConvo chatbot platform and we’ll help determine where a chatbot could help your brand.


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