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How AI chatbots are great for business

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

When you go to the website of a successful enterprise, chances are that a little message or chat window will appear in the corner with a greeting from the brand. This is a live chat, and in many cases powered by a chatbot, an Artificial Intelligence that converses with visitors to do anything from answering questions, promoting offers and more. Some great examples of businesses that utilise chatbots to handle customer service through their websites and generate leads include Countdown, Skinny Mobile and Air NZ.

Chatbots can be incredibly life-like, especially when they are tailor-made to fit your brand messaging. And, because chatbots use machine learning, they can always evolve their responses based on the data they receive.

A 2019 survey found that 70% of respondents had used a chatbot to interact with a brand in the previous year, which also means that consumers are becoming more comfortable interacting with digital assistants. Since chatbots are becoming more ubiquitous, successful enterprises are tapping into this growing potential to stay competitive and improve customer service.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of using a chatbot for your business.

How chatbots work

Chatbots are utilised by businesses for sales, customer service and internal processes like IT support. It gives pre-written responses based on key words and phrases from the user, and develops more human-like understanding over time.

Even better, your brand’s chatbot isn’t locked onto your website. In fact, the same chatbot can be integrated with apps like Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger and Slack in order to provide customer service across a variety of platforms and devices.

The benefits of having a chatbot represent your brand

  1. Better customer service. Although not a replacement for all human workers, chatbots create a solid first response and can help with most low-level queries immediately and effectively. This frees up more time for your human workforce to focus on higher-value tasks.

  2. Available 24/7. Younger generations especially are used to instant service from their favourite brands. Chatbots are always online and can answer queries at any time without the wait.

  3. Make the experience more personal. Chatbots gather analytics such as user demographics to help inform your brand direction. Plus, chatbots can be configured to remember personal accounts and preferences!

  4. Bring important info to the forefront. Your chatbot can search through the information on your website and provide links to relevant content in just seconds. This saves users from endless scrolling and improves their experience.

And so much more!

Where do you start?

The first step is to identify your key areas and determine where a digital assistant would best suit your brand. This may seem overwhelming, but there’s an easy solution! Ako creates premiere chatbots for enterprises across industries - with a focus on speed, quality and complete integration. The process begins with a free demonstration and call to introduce our InConvo chatbot platform and determine where a chatbot could benefit your brand.

Contact us any time to start the process or ask any questions you may have about how chatbots work. We can’t wait to create your unique digital assistant!


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