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Is your chatbot ready for the holidays?

When it comes to adding a seasonal touch to your digital chatbot, a little thought can go a long way to spreading some festive cheer online during an increasingly busy time.

Valuable ways to help your team with a conversational chatbot

A well-planned chatbot can add value in the lead-up, during and after Christmas to help ease the strain on customer services - especially if you’re in the retail industry.

Digital agents are slammed with incoming queries whether that’s via call centres, social media or website based chatbots. Decrease, or remove wait times for potential and existing customers by adding shopping options, product information, product recommendations, frequently asked questions, returns and any other valuable information that’s valuable to your customers.

What questions are your team members answering consistently, what are your customer’s main concerns? These can all be streamlined with a smart conversational chatbot for answers in a flash.

Ways to customise your chatbots for the holiday season

There are lots of ways you can improve a users experience including:

  • Add customised FAQS and shipping updates

  • Customise your avatar with themed designs e.g. Christmas Santa hats, have fun dressing up your mascot or chatbot avatar

  • Add product recommendations or gift ideas based on what your customers have in their shopping cart and who they’re shopping for

  • Give tailored advice on returns and refunds at the click of a button

  • Festive greetings that update depending on the time of day and the date

  • Adding multilingual functioning

  • Simple games to keep your website users engaged and entertained during the silly season.

[Lego was one of the first toy brands to build a fun e-commerce chatbot]

Don’t let your business get left behind

Some of the busiest shopping days are just around the corner with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and the New Year. The importance of getting your customers the information they need as quickly as possible could be the difference between making that sale, or potentially missing out. Keen to chat about a seasonal chatbot? They really are the perfect little touch for any holiday (not just Christmas).

Chat with the Ako team today and we’ll be happy to help.

Have you used a holiday-themed chatbot recently or seen any awesome examples of brands doing this well?


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