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The best alternative for enterprise outsourcing in 2020

As with Suncorp recently, many businesses that once relied on outsourcing their operations (whether nationally or overseas) have found themselves seeking a better solution as a result of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. With borders closed and some industries hit harder than others, enterprises need a way to manage overheads whilst staying competitive in this ever-changing climate.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in customer service, where consumers continue to expect not only the same great service - but faster, more reliable contact to answer their questions, complete sales and more. However, it’s often not realistic to invest in an external support team to facilitate consumers 24/7 and provide the same local experience.

Growing businesses shouldn’t have to dampen this growth, but they shouldn’t have to lose revenue on customer service that is expensive, ineffective and may only become more difficult to manage as the world economy shifts.

Luckily, there is a way around this. Here’s what you need to know:

Leading businesses follow technology trends

Top companies in their fields all have one thing in common: they stay on the cutting-edge of the latest technological developments to handle business growth and satisfy customers. Artificial Intelligence (AI), in particular, is making big waves.

One of the most effective and exciting ways to automate consumer relations with AI is through your organisation’s own digital assistant. - an AI program that integrates with your website and branding, and holds lifelike conversations with visitors. Chatbots can hold countless conversations at once and cost just 1/10th of the average price for a human worker.

Automation drives innovation

Automation doesn’t just work for the face of the business. In fact, streamlining your consumer relations via AI can drive innovation across the whole enterprise. All chatbots gather data on their conversations to evolve their responses and sound more “human” and better facilitate consumers - but the right chatbot can also process this data into analytics that deliver powerful insights like never before.

Jan Erik Aase, director of ISG Provider Lens Research, says that today’s enterprises, “...are looking to become more proactive by leveraging technology to make data-driven decisions quickly. With enhanced analytical technology, the ability to gain valuable insights from data, identify...pain points or decide on a course of action are all within reach.”

Where to begin?

Some digital assistants can take months to develop and integrate, costing even further revenue and negating some of their value. The key is to find a digital AI solution that can be ready in just weeks, fits with your brand, responds to consumers and delivers actionable data 24/7.

Ready in just weeks and fully customisable, Ako’s InConvo is a chatbot platform specifically designed to meet the needs of enterprises in any field - with the capacity to scale up or down depending on your needs. Find out more here, and discover what Artificial Intelligence can do for you.


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