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Human Resources is the core of enterprise.

We often take for granted the sheer amount of compliance, training and organisational knowledge that needs to be signed off, retained and disseminated to team members existing and new. So much of those  activities are ripe for automation. Automation with a delicate, almost human touch. One that Conversational AI is equipped to provide.

With this in mind, at ako we developed a full spectrum conversational HR AI bot, designed to easily integrate with enterprise.

In a Meeting

63% Of companies will engage
with AI powered HR tools in 2022

17% Already Have

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Performance Meeting

What about yours?

We drive engagement through retention, gamification elements & user specific customization to create a conversational AI assistant that grows with your team members.

A solution that:
- Ensures knowledge transfer that is documented and can be reported on.
- Creates an enduring partnership with all team members as individuals.
- Connects too all required spheres of your business allowing self service knowledge.

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