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What your digital employee should do?

When a customer enters a physical store they expect a personal service.  Their online experience should be no different. Employing a digital workforce can mirror your instore experience even when your shops are closed and customer service is offline.

Delivery Guy

Support your customers

Whether it be answering simple FAQs and handling follow up questions or helping customers self serve tracking their order, changing personal details or making returns, through a series of common integrations you can automate and resolve all your customers common queries 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

What a digital employee should do

Protect your revenue

What happens when your customers are having issues completing their order and there is no-one to assist them?  Through smart identification of when a customer is in your shopping cart or checkout a digital assistant can proactively prompt and triage any issues before handing over to a human to assist real-time ensuring you never lose that sale.

Helping Hand
Saleswoman in Boutique Store

Grow your online revenue

Is your website like a warehouse without any staff to assist?  Help your customers find the products they are looking for and promote special offers through intelligent conversation.  Use our conversational recommendation engine to guide customers to the product they need.

Understand your customers better

A digital employee never forgets a conversation.  Unlocking the insights in what your customers are telling you and how they use your services is of immense value when seeking to grow your business. 

Image by bruce mars
Call Center Employee

Empower your employees


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