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The Future of Retail Communications

How many times have you interacted with a chatbot through a shopping website, or at least seen the option available in the screen corner? Retail has had to evolve quickly to keep up with the rise of e-commerce and it hasn’t always been the smoothest transition...

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How To Optimise A Chatbot

The optimisation of chatbots is a continuous process that allows your bot to get smarter over time. Once the chatbot project is initially completed, it’s time to put it to work and start analysing the customer interactions so it can adapt and grow...



How 5 Brands Are Using AI Chatbots In Impressive Ways

One of the neatest things about AI and chatbot growth is seeing the range of different ways that brands are incorporating this technology into their overall strategy. It’s no longer just about Alexa turning your Spotify playlist on...



4 Ways AI Is Improving Multiple Industries

Conversational agents, chatterbots, AI/virtual assistants, conversation bots or conversational interfaces… Whatever you want to call them; chatbots exist under many different names and they’re only getting more intelligent. ... 



How AI chatbots are great for business 

When you go to the website of a successful enterprise, chances are that a little message or chat window will appear in the corner with a greeting from the brand... 

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How Chatbots for Microsoft Teams are benefiting businesses 

More businesses than ever are using online platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams to keep employees connected - especially those who work remotely....



The best alternative for enterprise outsourcing in 2020 

Many businesses that once relied on outsourcing their operations have found themselves seeking a better solution as a result of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic...

Sydney Port


Ako launches in Australia. 


After about a year in New Zealand, Ako is ready to help businesses in Australia provision Digital and Augmented workforce solutions.



Why are Chatbots important for a business. 


Successful technology businesses never stop innovating. Adoption of new technology has increased dramatically in the last decade.... 

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23-May-2019 exhibiting at The Hub which is an industry event organised by Payments NZ. Attended by banks and Fintech with Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Hon Kris Faafoi. taking about Open Banking



Ako founder Andy Dharmani and Chief Conversologist and entrepreneur Jam Mayer in this free webinar talking about different usecases of a Chatbot.



Ako founder Andy Dharmani participating in a panel on AI-Day on an intriguing topic "Life with Digital Assisants and the impact of Conversational AI"

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Andy from Ako presented a keynote and participated in panel discussion in Tech Alliance Event Series – How will AI transform the customer experience across financial services in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington


01-Feb-2019 mentioned as a startup tapping into Open Banking API's in an Idealog article "New Zealand's tech community picks their top trends to look out for in 2019"

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30-Jan-2019 founder Andy Dharmani and Chief Conversologist and entrepreneur Jam Mayer in this free webinar that explores the full scope of AI chatbots.

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Paymark & Ako presenting at Xero Analytics Forum on how AI and Open Banking are transforming the customer experience in New Zealand. 

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Paymark & Ako demonstrating how charities can start collecting donations by extending the reach to different channels like Chatbots, Facebook Messenger, Alexa and more.

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5 ways to scale a Chatbot in customer care environment.

Chatbots are at a tipping point in customer care, with millions of interactions being handled by bots across different industries. With the hype comes number of misconceptions...

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How to test a Chatbot.

Chatbot testing is a critical enabler in the success of an effective and efficient chatbot...

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